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St Nicholas is approached on foot from the parking area. The church was pulled down in 1865 apart from its chancel, to avoid the need for reconsecration before rebuilding and enlarging the church. This work was done at the time when the parishes of Britwell Salome and Britwell Prior were combined into just the one of Britwell Salome. The planned cost of rebuilding the church was £548, and for two and a half years there were no services.

There were probably no more than two bells at the church. They came from an old church and are dated 1761. One was broken and replaced, and the broken bell can be seen in the vestry. Also kept in the vestry are the antique candlesticks from the altar, a bible dated 1688 and an old key (which presumably came from the old church). Following are some interesting entries from the old Register regarding the church furnishings:

1760. In ye year 1760 church of Britwell Salom was whitewashed and a new cushion pulpit cloth and one to ye reading desk and a neat green cloth for ye communion table.

1766. Mr Stopes Rector put up in ye chancel a rail and bannister in ye year 1766 - came to 3s/4d.

1776. Whitsun Eve a gallery is put up in ye church at the expense of ye parishioners and ye new window by ye rector Mr James Stopes. August 21 ye church and chancel were whitewashed 1776. The window came to 11/-. Setting up ye gallery 7s/6d.

Parish church

Parish church

Parish church