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Newbottle means a new building. In 1086 Newbottle was known as Niwebotle. Charlton is a common name, usually meaning farmstead of the freemen or peasants.

Newbottle is a small collection of no more than seven houses next to the parish church of St James, and Charlton is a hamlet with around 200 residences and services, a short distance from Newbottle, that utilises St James as its parish church. Charlton never had a church of its own because it was divided into several estates with no single Lord of the Manor. St James has primarily older graves surrounding it, dating before the early 1900s, and Charlton has a more recent graveyard, dating from 1903, on its outskirts. Also tied in with Newbottle is Purston, an even smaller hamlet to the north consisting only of a manor house and farm. Newbottle and Purston did once have larger communities, but the Black Death took its toll, followed by the enclosure of the arable fields to make sheep pastures in the late 14th and 15th centuries.

To travel by road to Charlton and then to Newbottle, use the M40. Exit east at Junction 10 on to the A43. Half a mile brings you to a roundabout, and turn left there on to the B4100, signposted Aynho. After approximately three miles turn right on to the B4031. After about half a mile, turn left towards Charlton. To reach Newbottle, continue through Charlton, passing the graveyard on the right, and then shortly look for the turning on the left.