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To visit the parishes and villages, click on the Visit Parishes and Villages link on the first page of the site. This will take you to a map of Great Britain. Click on the name of the country you wish to visit. You will arrive at a list of counties within that country, and then click on the county you want to go to. You will then arrive at a list of all the villages and parishes within your chosen county. Click on the name of the village you wish to view, and you will arrive at a page that looks like this.

This is an explanation of what you will see if click on the buttons, but on this page, they are not active.

The first page of a village has the meaning of its name, if available, plus brief travel directions if travelling by road to that village. There may occasionally also be additional information about the village and parish on this page.

Click on this button and you will find helpful Parish registers information, with details about the locations of the registry offices, and the years records are available for baptisms, banns, marriages and deaths.

Click on this symbol and you visit the church of your selected parish or village. Here you will be able to see photos of the church - exterior ones are always available, and sometimes there are interior photographs also. Any information OntaWorld has on the church itself can be read, plus often you can find photos of a few of the graves, and a list of the family surnames that can be seen on gravestones within the churchyard.

Clicking on this button will enable you to view general photographs of the village or parish. Where possible the photographs will include shots of the manor house, public houses, other significant buildings, and a sample of the older residences. Any general information OntaWorld has on the village or parish can also be read here.

EmailSimply click on this button if you wish to email OntaWorld. We welcome all comments or queries about the OntaWorld site or OntaWorld's services.


HomeAnd this is the home button. Clicking on it will take you to the first page of the OntaWorld website.


The buttons can be clicked on in any order when you visit a village. Also, in the top right corner of each page you will find helpful shortcut links, depending on which part of the website you are in.

On this page, if you are ready to continue, in the top right corner there is a link to the Great Britain map, and you can go there to start your tour.