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OntaWorld provides an 'armchair' tour of villages and parishes within Great Britain. You can see photographs of the parish churches and the villages and parishes they are located in, accompanied where possible, with information about the parish church and location.

OntaWorld also provides a range of services that will be of interest to anyone researching their family tree, or perhaps wishing to give a gift to a budding genealogist. Click on the link, top right, to read more about OntaWorld's services.

The village/parish name and travel directions
For every village and parish we add to the constantly growing list available, we include the meaning of its name and travel directions by road.

The suggested route to a destination is often one of many options, that anyone using an up-to-date map could choose from. OntaWorld gives directions from the nearest motorway (M) junction, using the major roads (A and B routes) where possible. On minor, local roads the signposts have to be relied on, but in general, these are of a high standard.

Genealogy information
OntaWorld provides details of the relevant registry offices, and the years records are available for. This information is now widely available from a number of sources on and off the internet, but as OntaWorld is a site designed for genealogists, this information is offered as a handy reference.

OntaWorld commenced amassing its photograph library in mid 2000. All photographs on this site will date from then, unless specifically stated otherwise.

OntaWorld's photographers try to capture a factual record of the parish church and the essence of its location within its specific parish and village, with pictures of significant buildings and a flavour of the historic residences to be seen. The photographs are intended to convey how a location would look if you were to visit it today. It would be hard to completely avoid the odd power line or car in a photograph, although the photographers try to frame shots that reduce the intrusion of such modern objects.

There are always exterior shots of each church and its graveyard available. However, access inside a church is not always possible when an OntaWorld photographer visits a location.

The information available about each church and location is from local research undertaken at the time of OntaWorld's visit to a village or parish, or occasionally researched from other reputable sources. OntaWorld provides the information in good faith, and if anyone wishes to comment on or query the written content of this website, please email us.

All photographs on this OntaWorld website are owned and copyrighted by OntaWorld. Anyone wishing to use or purchase any photographs on OntaWorld, should either email us in the first instance, or read the OntaWorld Services page for more information.