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Genealogy Information

Parish Registers

Brightwell Baldwin's parish registers begin in 1546 and, in addition to the official entries, there are several interesting notes added by the rectors. Some examples follow.

  • Old Dale was borne as he sayed in the 2nd yeare of Q. Elizabeth, ob July 12 1658 old about 98 years.
  • Widow Spire of Wakelands was as shee sayes about 8 or 9 yeares old at the greate Earthquake 1570. She was buryed June 27 1655 beang about 94 years old.
  • April 3rd 1587 Joan Cooper was buryed being 100 years old.
  • 1595 Richard Balder of Cuxham did payson himself with Rats Bane and was buryed between Brightwell and Cuxham a little from Brightwell Cross (in unconsecrated ground).
  • The son an infant of a wandering body was buried Dec 24 1633.
  • Widow Baker a Poore wandering woman was buried 1642.
  • 1649 Stephen White tooke his death by a fall into his well. a poore man.
  • 1780 Joshua ye son of Frances Smith (the wife of Richard Smith a coachman) and ye supposed bastard of John Atkins whom she married when big with this child (her husband being alive who drove a coach to and from Stoney Stratford) was born ye 6th and baptised ye 16th July.
  • 1808 Thomas Didcock died by his own hand on the 10th. Pronounced by the Jury on the Coroner's Inquest a Lunatic. buried in the churchyard on Nov. 13th.

    It is interesting to note that both Sir John Carleton in 1637, and the rector, William Paul, who was also Bishop of Oxford, in 1665, were buried by night.

    On the 29th March 1762 the wife of John Smith gave birth to a boy and on 31st March his twin sister was born. John Smith was over 84 years old.

    During the 18th century some children were 'half-baptised' privately and at a later date were received into ye congregation of Christ's flock



St Bartholomew

St Bartholomew

     Marriages 1547-1979
     Banns 1754-1817; 1825-71; 1892-1913; 1978-9
     Burials 1546-1812, 1813+

Original Parish registers deposited at
St Lukes Church, Temple Road, Cowley, Oxford OX4  2EN
01865 815 203

     Bishops Transcripts 1639; 1696; 1721-4; 1727-33; 1735-6; 1738-43; 1745-51; 1755-76; 1778-88; 1790-2; 1795; 1798-1805; 1807-71
     IGI 1547-1812
     Marriage Indexes a1547-1837
     Boyd's Marriage Index 1547-1812

The above also available at Oxford Parish Archives at the above address