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The Stone Chapel created in the 17th century by John Stone who married Catherine Carleton, heiress to the Manor of Brightwell Baldwin. Here can be seen memorials that he erected for his father and grandfather who died in London in 1660 and 1640. The text reads thus:

The Trobels following the Fathers and ye
fire of London succeeding the sons death;
this memorial to their graves (not to be
found after that dismall conflagration) is
transmitted with their family to this place.

In the Stone Chapel and also in the churchyard are further memorials to members of this family which held the manor, with one short break, for over 400 years. The entire east wall of the chapel is filled with Baroque memorials on the cornice of which are a skull and crests against a background of smoke and flames. On the north wall a monument, signed by Westmacott, commemorates William Lowndes-Stone. On the same wall is a carved cartouche with two cherubs supporting drapery and flowers, a memorial to Edward Stone. The memorial on the south wall, the inscriptions framed by a broken pediment and crest within four Tuscan pilasters, is to Francis Lowe and his family. On the same wall is the sad record of the deaths of William Francis Lowndes-Stone and his son, aged two, of scarlet fever.

The glass in the Stone Chapel windows was restored in 1903, as far as possible to its original condition. In the left-hand window the principal figures are Saint Peter with his keys and Saint Paul with a sword, both under canopies. The glass is 14th century, but the lower parts have been much restored. The lower lights are chiefly remarkable for their borders. On the left is portrayed a naked soul being weighed in the balance, with the devil trying to pull down the other balance. In the traceries above are several arms, one of an unidentified family, another referring to Robert Lowndes-Stone-Norton, who in 1862 married Catherine Lowndes-Stone who inherited Brightwell Park. The remaining two arms may be royal badges or the crests of local families.

In the right-hand window of the Stone Chapel the principal figures are Saint Paul the Apostle and the Virgin Annunciate in 15th century glass. Above the window there is also several arms, with those of the Stody family although no connection to Brightwell Baldwin has been found; the arms of the Barentines of Chalgrove who have many local connections - Sir William Barentine and Sir William Bereford married co-heiresses of Hugh de Plescy in the 14th century; the arms of the Bereford family; and the arms of Henry Waters and Julian his wife, although nothing further is known about this family.

Beneath the windows are two stone tomb chests, the burial places of John and Anthony Carleton who died in 1547 and 1575.

Above the Stone Chapel entrance are two funeral hatchments, the one inside for the Reverend James Norton who died in 1833, the other for William Francis Lowndes-Stone who died in 1858.

The chapel's oak screen was erected in 1906 to replace one made of deal.

Parish church

Parish church

Parish church

Parish church

Parish church